Welcome to REINHARDT HOMES in Central Oregon.
We strive to design and construct the home of our client’s dreams!
We have been building quality, efficient and affordable homes in Central Oregon for over 25 years.

Our Process

1) Meet with potential customer to understand:

Where is the property located? In a subdivision or no? What size is the property?
Do they own the property?
Remodel or new construction?
Does the property currently have power, water and sewer? If not, this can be bid and included in the build cost.
What style of home are they looking for? Modern, Craftsman, etc?
Size of home needed, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, are they looking for an open concept design or one with living areas more defined? – share our standard floor plans
Are they working with a mortgage company? If so, which company or bank?

2) Once a home plan has been decided on, site work defined and a concept of what materials will be used in the home, a Cost Estimate will be created and sent to the potential customer.

3) If the customer decides to work with us and agrees to the Cost Estimate, contracts will be developed and sent to the customer for signature. At this time a deposit is requested so that once the contract is signed, the application for permits can begin. Assurance that financing is in place needs to be provided by the customer at this time.

4) Once permits are ready, the site work will begin.

5) Once the foundation dig-out has been complete, the foundation will be poured and stripped.

6) Upon the completion of the foundation, the time clock begins on the lead time stated in the contract. There are many things that come up during the build of a home which can affect the lead time of the build process. Weather, customer requested changes, availability of material and available sub-contractors are just a few issues that could arise.

7) A monthly financial draw for the materials and labor used during the month will be developed and sent to the customer by the 25th of each month. These funds need to be made available by the ninth of each month so that subcontractors and suppliers can be paid by the tenth of each month.

8) The Job Foreman will schedule the subcontractors and suppliers. Any changes to the agreed upon plan as stated in the contract should come through the office as the Job Foreman can’t quote a cost associated with a change requested or quote a firm completion date. All financial changes are documented and will need the customer’s signature and be sent to the financial institution for their awareness. There also is a change order fee for each change.

9) A final inspection by the city or county will occur upon completion of the home.

10) The Job Foreman will schedule a walk through with the customer to identify any issue that they see and answer any questions they may have.

11) Once the home is complete and a final inspection has been signed off, a final financial draw for funds will be sent to the customer and their financial institution. This final financial draw needs to be received before the customer can take occupancy.

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